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Tres cool computer case

As Ilya said, who sent me the link:

Don’t take the first case to Boston’s Logan’s airport!

Of course they don’t tell you where you can get any of those cases, or if they’re case mods (people who customise or build their own computer cases) like here or here.

But, after a wee bit of googling, I found where the case that looks like bomb came from:

It’s what they call a “wicked ass case mod”:

Computer Case mod that looks like a bomb (it’s not really a bomb).

Image from‘s site.

Header Image

Trying to replace the header image in the theme I’m currently using. The image is the word unsleepable in the screenshot below:
Default Unsleepable blog theme header image

The theme is called Unsleepable and is by Ben Gray, which is a modified version of the K2 theme by Michael Heilemann.

The instructions at say what file needs to be replaced, and the approximate size. And then used the instructions at to create glossy text thing:

/home/mick blue glossy image for the header of the Unsleepable theme

It doesn’t look bad here on this posting, but in the header it just doesn’t look great. I think I need to change the colour and remove the forward-slashes (/). What do you think?

/home/mick blue glossy image preview in the Unsleepable theme

I’ll try making another one over the weekend.

Updated with unmickable:

Unsleepable WordPress them with unmickable image.

However the font looks too blocky. I wonder if this is because I’m using the Gimp?

Adobe Air for Linux?

A friend forwarded the e-mail below to me. It looks like there is a beta or prerelease of the Linux version of Adobe Air available. However, poking around Adobe’s site I can’t any references to this release and Googling hasn’t turned up anything useful (except for doc from last year saying Air for Linux will be here in the 1.2 release). And the first Q/A in the e-mail say there isn’t a public announcement, yet. If anyone knows what procedure there is get access to a version, please leave a comment.

Wouldn’t you think they’d include a few links in the e-mail! I’m guessing that it’s somewhere on, maybe all I have to do is register? Nor is there anything on the Air Forums?

The announcement is below, the only changes I’ve made is masking any e-mail addresses (to help prevent unnecessary spam), and some minor formatting to improve the legibility. BTW Adobe, good job on working on providing Linux support. However, I’d suggest that if you provide support for Ubuntu, that you also consider providing packages for Debian which is what Ubuntu is based on.

Update: See Ashutosh‘s comment below.

Also, see Arstechnica’s Air Review.

Continue reading Adobe Air for Linux?

Dell BIOS updates using Linux

Dell provides Ubuntu support for updating the BIOS of Dell systems:

… be sure the Universe section is enabled in /etc/apt/sources.list, then run as root:

wget -q -O – | bash
aptitude install firmware-addon-dell
aptitude install $(bootstrap_firmware -a)

Thanks Dell!

kde4 & debian!

Works great! Following the instructions here:

However, if you install the KDE4 kdeartwork package, any remaining kde3 packages, such as k3b & amarok, will uninstalled and aren’t available for KDE4 on Debian yet.

See the screenshot that highlights transparency:

KDE4 on Debian

However, this does seems buggier than on my laptop running Ubuntu. For instance, whenever I type in the brower (such as writing an e-mail using gmail), the pager flickers off and on, and sometimes the whole bar on the bottom flickers on and off. I’ve tried setting KWIN_NVIDIA_HACK=1 and that didn’t help.

Confused about PSU’s?

Confused about power supplies for motherboards? Me too. This will help:

ATX = 20 pin plug, your Pentium III’s ATX connector and PS
ATX12V = 20 pin atx connector + 4-pin plug for “Additional 12V”
SSI = Intel spec, which, among other things, defines the “EPS” “enhanced” ATX specification
EPS12V= Power supply with 24-pin EPS12V connector, plus one 8-pin “additional 12v connector”.