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Trying to replace the header image in the theme I’m currently using. The image is the word unsleepable in the screenshot below:
Default Unsleepable blog theme header image

The theme is called Unsleepable and is by Ben Gray, which is a modified version of the K2 theme by Michael Heilemann.

The instructions at http://openswitch.org/2006/04/16/title-graphic-how-to/ say what file needs to be replaced, and the approximate size. And then used the instructions at http://www.technomono.com/blog/stylish-glossy-text/ to create glossy text thing:

/home/mick blue glossy image for the header of the Unsleepable theme

It doesn’t look bad here on this posting, but in the header it just doesn’t look great. I think I need to change the colour and remove the forward-slashes (/). What do you think?

/home/mick blue glossy image preview in the Unsleepable theme

I’ll try making another one over the weekend.

Updated with unmickable:

Unsleepable WordPress them with unmickable image.

However the font looks too blocky. I wonder if this is because I’m using the Gimp?

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