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From a man from Ireland:
“My number one health tip is: walk everywhere possible! Since work is a 35-minute walk from home, I try to walk home every day, and I mean every day. It’s good basic exercise, limbers me up after sitting all day, helps me unwind and decompress after a day’s work, and is a good way to stay trim. I used to hate walking, but nowadays I really look forward to walking and if don’t get a walk every day I really miss it.”
Mick Timony

The Pogues

Going to see The Pogue at The Paradise tonight. Should be good craic. 😀

On other notes, Jetspeed 2.1 was released on March 3rd, so putting together an internal build for use at work.

Can’t believe that it’s been almost a month since I’v blogged. And on the Enlightement instructions, it works well on Debian, but in my Ubuntu Laptop it doesn’t work at all. I realised that after installing E17 using apt-get, that I had old libraries lying around from 2005 when I had compiled and installed E17 myself. I’m sure that caused a problem, but I’ve removed all traces I could find of the build I did and the binaries I apt-get’ed still work …


It’s cold, and I’ve a cold and it’s the weekend! FECK! Was supposed to head down to NYC to see cousin John whose visiting the States for a couple of weeks. Looks like I’ll head down there next weekend instead.



Glasses & Beer

My last pair of glasses broke!. I’ve been using an old, scratched-up pair for the past few weeks. Went to the Optician’s yesterday (Saturday) for the eye-exam; my perscription hasn’t changed which is good news! But, I was a wee bit hung-over from drinking some really fine Belgium beers at Deep Ellum, a new bar that just opened in Union Sq, in Allston, MA (across from the Firestation and near the Model Cafe).

Deep Ellum is a nice wee spot; a wee bit bare but I’m sure that will change as the place ages, decent music, good barmen, and a fairly friendly crowd. It looks like they do some amazing mixed drinks beside great beers. They had this amazing Porter on tap, I think it was Berkshire Coffee Porter, really feckin’ amazing, I’d almost say it’s better than Guinness (at least on draft). Some of the beers are a tad expensive; most are imported Belgium or German beers, or US micro-brews. The thing to watch out for is that a lot of these beers pack some kick, up to 9% or 10& alcohol so drink ’em slow. They do have some cheaper brews like Miller High Life for $2.50, wish they could some other good cheap beers, be interesting to see something like Jupiler beer (one of the biggest brews in Belgium) as a cheapish mass-market alternative. Jupiler is way nicer that Stella Artois.

They do food too, I had this odd dish; fish wrapped in big slices of spud then deep-fried, looked a bit like a cornish pasty. It wasn’t bad, nice batter, fresh fish, but some of the spud was a bit too crunchy. The chips (fries for all you USians) were nice and crisp and the coleslaw was decent. Danny had the Buffalo Wings, which had a good bit of a bite too them, and they tasted fresh not frozen, would have a liked a few more … the food other people were eating looked decent.All in all I’d go back there again, especially for that flipping Porter, wow was that good. If you live nearby I’d strongly recommend popping in for a pint.

OK, back to the glasses, popped over and picked out a pair of frames at Newbury Optical. Dr. Prem there is really nice and they have a good selection of frames. I just wish the friggin’ glasses didn’t cost so much.