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Jetspeed Login Portlet & WebSphere 6.1

How to get the Jetspeed Login Portlet to work with IBM’s WebSphere 6.1. The default Jetspeed login Portlet doesn’t with WAS, it does work with Tomat, there is an alternative Login Portlet that can be used that will work with WAS. Follow the steps below to disable the LoginPortlet and enable the PortalLoginPortlet.

1. WAS version

First make sure you’ve running at least WAS 6.1.3 or higher.

2. PortalFilter & web.xml

Edit the web.xml file that’s in the Portal’s WAR file and uncomment the PortalFilter:



3. LoginPortlet & PortalLoginPortlet

Replace the LoginPortlet in your default-page.psml with the PortalLoginPortlet:

<fragment id="dp-12" type="portlet" name="j2-admin::LoginPortlet">
      <property layout="TwoColumns" name="row" value="1" />
      <property layout="TwoColumns" name="column" value="1" />
 <fragment id="dp-12" type="portlet" name="j2-admin::PortalLoginPortlet">
      <property layout="TwoColumns" name="row" value="1" />
      <property layout="TwoColumns" name="column" value="1" />

You may need to change the  “fragment id” also.
4.Edit jetspeed-portlet.xml

Add this to your j2-admin’s WEB-INF/jetspeed-portlet.xml, immediately below the first portlet entry:

        <dc:title>Portal Login Portlet</dc:title>
        <dc:creator>J2 Team</dc:creator>

5. Custom PSML?

If your using Maven 2 to build a custom Portal, override the the default page by putting the modified copy of your page in


The Pogues

Going to see The Pogue at The Paradise tonight. Should be good craic. 😀

On other notes, Jetspeed 2.1 was released on March 3rd, so putting together an internal build for use at work.

Can’t believe that it’s been almost a month since I’v blogged. And on the Enlightement instructions, it works well on Debian, but in my Ubuntu Laptop it doesn’t work at all. I realised that after installing E17 using apt-get, that I had old libraries lying around from 2005 when I had compiled and installed E17 myself. I’m sure that caused a problem, but I’ve removed all traces I could find of the build I did and the binaries I apt-get’ed still work …