That Pizza will be 2.6 million …

That Pizza being! Some lad bought the domain name in 1994 at the “dawn” of the internet age, and has owned it ever since. After seeing how much sold for (about 3 million dollars) he put up for auction and got 2.6 Million US dollars!

In January, Mr Clark decided to sell it after hearing that another domain – – was sold for $3m in 2006 …
“If someone’s willing to pay that much for, maybe there’s more interest in”

The online auction was launched on 27 March. The first bid was $100, jumping to $2.6m a week later.

Having accepted the latter offer, Mr Clark hopes to get his windfall in a few days’ time when the transaction is completed.

He said he now regretted not buying more domain names in the 1990s.

I remember when I started at college at UMass Boston, I was a student lab operator in the Unix lab (support staff) and me and a workmate (and friend) Josh started joking around looking to see what Domain names we could register. This was in 1999 or 2000 and any word in the English language we could think of was already registered as a domain name. Wish I’d gotten on this internet lark in the early 1990’s and purchased a few domain names too!

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