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My Phone Collection.

My Phones over the years.
My Phones over the years.
Starting on the left is my very last feature phone a Sony Ericsson C902. Of all of these phones it makes the best phone-calls. Keeping this thing as it was such a great phone.
Still available for $120 at Amazon!
Next, Liz’s first Android phone — a Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V.  Keeping this as we can quickly reuse it for any visitors from Ireland and it’s a simple phone to use.
Next is my second Android phone a Samsung S2, I got this phone as the screen on my first Android a HTC Sensation cracked. I still have the HTC as I had plans to replace the screen but it’s hardly worth it at this point. The S2 was quite a step-up, lovely screen but it was missing a little something (this phone is being gifted to a friend for reuse), I hope he finds it better than today’s cheap Android phones.
Next up is my 3rd Android a Google Nexus 4, this was the first Android phone that really, really impressed me and is still a great device — fantastic camera too. I use this as my Irish Phone and it has my Irish SIM card in it and I’ll be walking around Ireland later this week with two phones as my US T-Mobile plan gives me free texts and data while in Ireland, and I can make free phone calls to any Irish phone after topping this up with 20 Euros.
The big yoke is my current phone a OnePlus One, fabulous device almost too big but at least I can read the text on the screen! 😉
Next a sweet Amazon Fire Phone that is someone’s Christmas present. Hopefully the Amazon App Store won’t be a dealbreaker …