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Testing YAPB

Testing YAPB plugin for WordPress. WordPress is the Blog software that this blog runs on, YAPB is “Yet another Photo Blog” plugin for WordPress to help one manage photographs. After this one test post, I’m not really that sure how much more useful it is?

Update: I just realised that this posting was posted with the time-stamp of the photograph! Updated with a more recent timestamp.

My Flickr Explore (Feb 2007)

My Flickr Explore Feb 2007.

1. Fred and his cap!, 2. Sunrise @ the lake, 3. Boston Twilight, 4. Donegal Town: The Diamond 1973, 5. Celtic Sprially Wrought-iron, 6. Frozen Bog Puddle, 7. Boston Sunset, 8. Maghery,

9. Under Lough Eske Bridge, 10. Celitc Spirally Wrought Iron, 11. Big Waves, 12. The Atlantic near Dungloe, Donegal Ireland, 13. Donegal Bay, 14. Donegal Town: The Old Castle, 15. Old Donegal Town Postcard

From Big Huge Labs:

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