Testing YAPB

Testing YAPB plugin for WordPress. WordPress is the Blog software that this blog runs on, YAPB is “Yet another Photo Blog” plugin for WordPress to help one manage photographs. After this one test post, I’m not really that sure how much more useful it is?

Update: I just realised that this posting was posted with the time-stamp of the photograph! Updated with a more recent timestamp.

2 thoughts on “Testing YAPB”

  1. As i stumbled over your article (i loove trackbacks ;-): Do you need thumbnails in various sizes and formats as needed by your theme? Supported out of the box. EXIF? Just use the according template function to display it. Ping image websites like vfxy if you post an image? etc. etc. ? Yup – you have it all.

    YAPB just offers a lot of functionality for photobloggers tightly integrated into the wordpress interface and templating functionality.

    Greets from Salzburg,


  2. I was testing YAPB it to see if I could use it for a on a blog I’m configuring for a friend whose an artist. Basically, I’m looking for something that allows for blogging about a picture and then having an associated gallery with other pictures related to it. I think YAPB would probably work for me for this blog, but for my friend’s I think WPG2 would be better.

    The blog isn’t ready yet, so I’m not going to link to it (yet). 🙂

    I’ll poke more at YAPB as I’ve only tested it with one picture. Thanks for the info Johannes. 🙂


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