Wp-Supercache & Wp-mobile plugin

Recently I updated the wp-supercache plugin. It’s a plugin for WordPress which is the blogging software that runs this site. Wp-supercache is used to cache pages and is very useful if this blog should happen to get Slashdotted.

Wp-supercache now supports the wp-mobile plugin. What isn’t obvious from the wp-supercache settings is that you need to install the wp-mobile plugin. Get it at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-mobile-edition/ unzip it, and then read the included README.txt to configure it properly.

3 thoughts on “Wp-Supercache & Wp-mobile plugin”

  1. Ye never know! 🙂

    Well WP pages are usually dynamically created, which can use a lot of CPU. On the wee slice I have here at Dreamhost it’s a good thing to minimise CPU overhead. And it’s not like a blog posting changes often, so may as well cache as much as possible.

  2. The mobile theme looks good on the iphone. I was looking into how to speed up my blog it looks like caching is a good solution. I will try it out.

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