( > 3.0.8) == true ?

I use Kayak.com whenever I’m planning a trip any where, it’s a good source to determine who flies to what destination and whose got the lowest price. Today, there’s a wee bug on their website where they tell me I should upgrade to Firefox, this would be sound advise except for the fact that I’m using a newer version of Firefox:

Kayak.com Firefox versioning bug

So I think someone needs to look at the math used here, because 3.0.8 is greater than This is using Firefox on Ubuntu Linux.

Update: This may not be a Kayak.com problem and may be a problem with how Ubuntu build Firefox. In the Firefox “about:” page (type about: in the URL bar). It reports the following:

Firefox "about:" page.

There is a Ubuntu bug that may be related to this, and I’ve added a comment and the screen-shot that’s immediately above.

4 thoughts on “( > 3.0.8) == true ?”

  1. Mick, please send me an email and we can look into your problem. Generally speaking, firefox 3.x should work (everybody at Kayak uses firefox all the time, so we would have noticed if it was a general problem.)

    -billo, chief architect, kayak

  2. I updated the posting, this may be a Ubuntu bug in their Firefox build and not a Kayak problem after all. Sorry Kayak for implying that your mathematics skills where poor. 🙂

  3. Somehow this was set in my perfs.js (Firefox’s user preferences):
    prefs.js:239:user_pref(“general.useragent.extra.firefox”, “Firefox/”);

    Going to FF’s about:config settings window and resetting it solved the problem. I’ve don’t know how this got set, maybe it’s a hangover from when the profile was used under FF 2.x?

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