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Gnome theme problems.

Wow, major problems with Gnome and trying to change themes. Ended up the issue was some weird conflict with the gtk-qt-engine package. A simple:

apt-get remove –purge gtk-qt-engine

solved the problem. Of course it took a fews days of googling to find the answer, which was on Ubuntu’s bug tracker (don’t have the link handy sorry). The issue I had was that if I tried to change the theme or any part of the appearance of Gnome, the whole theming application would go blank. If you expierence this too, remove gtk-qt-engine .

Enlightement e17 on Ubuntu Screenshots

E17 Darkness Theme on Ubuntu:

E17 Darkness Theme on Ubuntu with the menu highlighted:

E17 Darkness theme with a wallpaper from vladstudio.com:

Themes are available from get-e.org. The packages for Ubuntu come with Darkness and other themes, the Debian package appears to only come with the default theme.

Look for my latest posting on E17 as this information could be out-of-date: