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4th of July Fireworks!

I won’t be in Boston for the fireworks show on July 4th. But if you show up at the last minute to see the fireworks, they start at 10.30pm, you can head onto to Harvard Bridge, commonly know as Mass Ave Bridge and get some decent view of the fireworks.

The last time I watched the fireworks from the bridge was in 2007, and I was near the middle at the 200 smoot mark:
200 Smoots!

The views of the fireworks was quite good, not as good as being on the river banks. Considering you could show up 5 minutes before the start of the display instead of 12 hours before is a good tradeoff in viewing quality. 🙂 Continue reading 4th of July Fireworks!


2 interesting articles about the Adriondacks from the NYTimes:

Adirondacks Are Hot. That’s Good. Or Not.

Logging Is Part of a Plan to Preserve Adirondacks

Which has this multimedia presentation:

A poet from Johnsburg, Jeanne Robert Foster, echoes the fears of many who live here and love it: “And the way things are going there won’t be woods very long, or wilderness; it’ll be imitation ranches, and ski runs, and places called by names that the folks who lived there years and years ago never heard of.”

Old Posters at the Adirondack Museum