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Just back from a trip home to Ireland and am pooped. Got up at 6am (1am EST) and drove up to Dublin Airport from Donegal Town via Omagh. Got there about 10.30am, would have been earlier but the car was running on fumes and I had to stop for petrol. As I was whizzing down the M1, my cousin John, whom I gave a lift to the airport, said there’s no services on that motorway. Which lead us on a 30 minute detour trying to find some petrol pumps in the wastes of Louth! 😉

Got to the airport at 10.30am, dropped off the car, had a ciggie, met my friend Eamon L. who dropped out to see me off and had a nice big (expensive) breakfast before going through security. Had 3 jumbo sausages, 2 rashers, 2 slices of thick toast, 1 egg, 1 hash brown, 1/2 a fried tomato, and numerous backed beans.:) A good end to a long drive, and a nice fill-up before a long flight.

On the plane I got 2 seats to meself and dosed off for about 2 hours or more after they served “dinner”. Woke up somewhere over the Canadian north and got to watch the lame ending to the last Harry Blouter film.

At Logan (Boston’s airport), I got through everything quickly, and didn’t have to wait too long for a shuttle bus to the blue line on the subway. And it wasn’t too busy considering it was rush hour. I guess most of the commuters were heading the other way. I changed Gov Center for the Green Line that goes near the house, and lucky enough I got a local train going to Kenmore (never seen one of those before) which was nice and quiet and not full of rush-hour nasties. And got home in time to see the sunset.

So now I’m pooped, as it’s 11:45pm Irish Time, and I need dinner … pics will appear on Flickr at some point.

Update: Here’s one! 🙂
BackstrandsMore via this Flickr search.

5 thoughts on “Got home”

  1. we always seem to miss each other! well, except for that one time. 🙂 how you had fun at home. your flight seems uneventful compared to the hell on earth we went through!

  2. Because the blue line to Gov center is a faster way to the Green Line than the Silver to Red to Green (that even while waiting for the shuttle bus). Also, Government center is a better spot to hop on the Green Line as it’s usually less busy than Park Street and there’s a higher probability of scoring a good place to stand or sit with the luggage. Park Street is almost always a lot busier.

    Also, at Gov Center all the the trains stop at the same spot. At Park Street the trains stop at different locations which makes it harder to cherry-pick a good train going to Hynes, especially if your trying to run with luggage.

  3. Hi Christina,

    My 5.5 hour flight to Dublin and 6.5 hour flight back ain’t bad at all! 🙂 And on both legs of the trip it arrived early. I arrived in Dublin 30 minutes early and 15 minutes early into Boston!

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