How to get from one terminal to another at Boston’s Logan Airport

I wrote this up for a friend who is arriving at Boston’s Logan Airport and whom has never been to Boston before. She has to get from Terminal E (Aer Lingus) to Terminal B (US Airways). It’s pretty simple, and I thought this might be of use to someone else:

It’s not a big airport, but it’s a lot bigger than Dublin Airport.  There’s 5 terminals; A, B, C, D, and E. It might seem confusing how to get one from one to another, and how to get to Downtown Boston (the city center) if you don’t know where to go! But, it’s really very very simple, as they have free shuttle buses connecting all the terminals.

You will arrive at Terminal E (used for most of international arrivals/departures).
US Airways is at Terminal B.

Exit terminal E, and look for the signs for the Airport Shuttle Bus (they’re across the street in  this sorta big traffic island thingy).

They have at least 3 different routes for the shuttle bus, they have signs that say what bus goes to what terminal.
Catch the bus that goes to Terminal B:

If you’ve a lot of bags, don’t get on at the front door, get on at the middle door. Waiting for the bus and getting to the terminal will take about 10 minutes. So relax and have a smoke while you wait, in Massachusetts you cannot smoke anywhere indoors.

There’s a good variety of restaurants at Terminal B, I suggest stopping at Bonfire for a steak if you’ve time, if you don’t have time get a sandwich from “Au Bon Pain“.

So, in summary, catch the shuttle bus from terminal E to terminal B. 🙂

If your arriving at any other terminal and need to get to another terminal at the airport it’s basically the same procedure. All you need to know is what terminal you need to get to, if you don’t know ask any of the Airport staff, or at an Information Desk, or alternatively ask the Shuttle Bus drivers which Terminal your airline is at. Also, the Airport’s Shuttle Buses are free, the Silver Line (which is part of the public transit system is not free and will take you to South Station, one of Boston’s major train stations).

If your delayed at the airport and have a lot of time to kill, I’d suggest going to the Hyatt Hotel at the airport. It’s connected to the garage, which I think is called Central Parking. It’s a good spot to spend a few hours, has a nice view, and the food ain’t bad and it’s a nice place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the Airport terminals. Alternatively go to Terminal B which seems to have a pretty decent collection of restaurants.

If you’ve more that 4 hours to kill, it’s also very easy to get into the city. What I’d suggest for tourists to do is to catch the shuttle bus to the Subway line (the Blue Line). Catch this inbound to Government Center, which is less than a 10 minute subway ride. Fanueil Hall which is about 5 minutes walk from there has plenty of stores (shops for all you Irish and Brits) and restuarants and pubs. I quite like Durgin Park and their Yankee Roast followed by their traditional style Strawberry Shortcake for desert.

It’s also less than 10 minutes walk from both the State House, Boston Common, and 2 minutes walk from the Old State House (the seat of British rule during colonial times).

I’ll try and update this posting with relevant information.

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  1. The problem is it drops you at South Station which is a fair walk from anything for someone (and a tourist) with limited time. Plus, changing to the Red Line then the Green Line to get to somewhere like Fanueil Hall isn’t trivial (and can be intimidating) for someone in the city for the 1st time. If you get the Blue Line your dropped almost beside a (mediocre) selection of shops/stores,restaurants, pubs, and various touristy things.

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