At the Backstrands

On Sunday Jeannie, me sister, and I went to Murvagh beach on a lovely sunny afternoon (or the Backstrands as me Dad used to call it). We spend about 2 hours paddling in the water and walking along the strand on a beautiful warm sunny day, with a big black cloud slowly approaching. I got, what I think are, some amazing photographs. I took so many now I have a hard time deciding which to post on Flickr! 🙂

Here’s a video I made of the tide coming in:

2 thoughts on “At the Backstrands”

  1. I like listening to the sound of the ocean in general. Sounds like a good trip to me any time you get to hang out at the beach.

    I noticed your an expat and just wanted to pass along that jaxtr offers low rates for international calls. I hope that’s helpful info for you.

    Let us know when you put up the flickr photos.

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