E17 on Debian

Quickie install instructions:

Add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

# repo from Falko Schmidt:

deb http://debian.alphagemini.org/ unstable main

This will also require you to have Debian’s unstable branch listed in your sources.list .

If your have Enlightenment DR16 installed or any other versions of E17 installed you’ll need to uninstall them:

sudo aptitude remove –purge enlightenment-data enlightenment e17 emodule* libevas* libefreet*

Install Falko’s E17 build:

sudo aptitude install -t unstable e17-desktop e17-extras e17 eutils emodules0-all enlightenment

And this should install E17! Logout and select Enlightenment from the session list of your login manager. I’ll update this post with more details later in the week or at the weekend.

Look for my latest posting on E17 as this information could be out-of-date:


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5 thoughts on “E17 on Debian”

  1. I had it working for a while. But, then there were conflicts with packages that are in Debian experimental branch (which I’m using to get KDE4). So I had to remove everything. 🙁

    I’ll post more information as I get a fix, or as packages make it into experimental. If your not using the experimental repository, then Falko’s repository should work fine.

  2. I killed my E17 during an update, then spent the next few hours trying to get it back again. No luck until I hit your post.

    Thank you for saving my sanity!

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  3. Hi Araneas, glad that helped! 🙂

    For some reason your post got marked as spam.

    At some point I hope they’ll be official e17 debs in experimental which I’ll document when I find out when they become available.

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