XSLT & 1.5 JVM’s

Oh bugger!

[junitreport] ERROR: ‘Unrecognized XSLTC extension ‘org.apache.xalan.lib.Redirect:write”


Errors while applying transformations: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unrecognized XSLTC extension ‘org.apache.xalan.lib.Redirect:write’

See http://stefan.samaflost.de/blog/2004/10/29#XSLTC.

Basically, if your using XSLT transformations with a 1.4 JVM and upgrade to a 1.5 JVM, you will get errors because 1.5 JVMs use a different XSLTC transformer.

You can either try and force your build to use Xalan-J, instead of the one packaged with the 1.5 JVM. Or, change the namespace used:

From, for example:




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