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  1. Copy of the instructions in case they get deleted:

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    Be Free with KDE 4.0

    The KDE 4 series has begun with the release of 4.0. It is the start of something amazing.

    If you want to test KDE 4 without installing packages download the live CD (554MB).

    Packages are available for 7.10 (Gutsy) and our development Hardy version. They install to /usr/lib/kde4 and can be installed alongside your existing KDE 3.

    * Remove previous KDE 4 packages, they are not compatible (apt-get remove kdelibs5 kde4base-data kde4libs-data)
    * Add deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu gutsy main to your /etc/apt/sources.list
    * Install kde4-core, note that PPAs aren’t authenticated so you will likely get a warning when installing
    * KDE 4 apps should appear in your KDE 3 K-menu or you can run a full session by selecting “KDE 4” from your login manager.
    * To avoid having to start a second X server for a full session install xserver-xephyr and run Xephyr :1 then and run /usr/lib/kde4/bin/startkde in the Xerphyr xterm.

    Thanks to stdin for his help with these packages.

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  2. Mick, nice to see you haven’t abandoned KDE. FYI, I get 403 when I click on your screenshots.

    I ‘m going to put off upgrading to KDE until more things get ported over and it the apps are functionally equivalent to 3.5.



  3. 404 on the screenshots fixed! I had changed the permissions on some the the folders in the wordpress install, to try and prevent directory, and it caused any newly uploaded screenshots to have file permissions of 640 … 🙂

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