Cantab & Burgers

Went to The Cantab Lounge in Central Sq in Cambridge on Friday night. Frank the chef (or one of the chefs?) from Tim’s Tavern, long closed, on Columbus Ave in Boston now cooks at The Cantab. Tim’s did a really good burger and that’s what we had at the Cantab, a really good big tasty burger for $5.95. The chips (fries for all your Amerikans) were kinda lame, but the burger was really tasty and big!

Ended up staying for the music, Shirley Lewis and the Fatback Band.
The Cantab

Shirly is 70 and she does rock the house. She’s a good singer and really knows how to pump the audience, might go back next weekend and hear her sing again!
Shirley Lewis & The Fat Back Band @ The Cantab

I think the band are a bunch of regulars who play most weekends with different singers, they’re good too. And worth hearing by themeselves. If you go, look for the mini-rubber chicken hanging off the bass drum!

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