Was in Amsterdam, NL, a few years ago for a friend’s birthday. While deleting old e-mails came across a link to this great overview of Amsterdam:

How not to get hit by a bike.

The sad part is that there are people who literally avoid Amsterdam because they’re not interested in dope, hookers or tulips. A friend of mine was once touring Europe with some of his art school pals, but chose not to join them on their side-trip to Amsterdam. “Nah I’m not into that stuff,” he figured. So he missed the Vermeers and the cool buildings and the open-air caf├ęs and street music and canals and bridges and the basic bliss of aimless wandering.

Amsterdam bridge.

Myself and some friends ended up staying at Pieter’s Apartment that we rented from Wimmo & Godwin who run this B&B.

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