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Can you believe this:

21,027 spams caught, 65 legitimate comments, and an overall accuracy rate of 100.000%.

So this rinky-dink blog has gotten over 21,000 spam comments since July 2007, and 1,723 in January 2009. This is done by automated Spam bots; automated programs that scour the web for blogs to post commentsĀ  on, and these comments consist of adverts for products and goods for sale. Usually the same old crap spam that you see in your e-mail spam box (or if your unlucky in you’re e-mail inbox).

This must lead to a lot of unnecessary bandwidth usage, and for popular blogs and web-sites a possibly prohibitive usage of their bandwidth (wherever one’s website is hosted one has to pay for all the bandwidth used, including all those Spam comments). Which means, it can really drive up the costs of running a web-site.