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( > 3.0.8) == true ?

I use Kayak.com whenever I’m planning a trip any where, it’s a good source to determine who flies to what destination and whose got the lowest price. Today, there’s a wee bug on their website where they tell me I should upgrade to Firefox, this would be sound advise except for the fact that I’m using a newer version of Firefox:

Kayak.com Firefox versioning bug

So I think someone needs to look at the math used here, because 3.0.8 is greater than This is using Firefox on Ubuntu Linux.

Update: This may not be a Kayak.com problem and may be a problem with how Ubuntu build Firefox. In the Firefox “about:” page (type about: in the URL bar). It reports the following:

Firefox "about:" page.

There is a Ubuntu bug that may be related to this, and I’ve added a comment and the screen-shot that’s immediately above.

WordPress 2.7.1 Editor

I recently upgraded this WordPress installation from 2.7 to 2.7.1 using Dreamhost’s upgrade tools. However, the friggin’ feckin’ post editor is busted, at least in Firefox 3.0.6 on Ubuntu Intrepid. I can still use the QuickPress editor, which is only good for basic posts. If I want to add images or files, I’d have to manually upload them and link to them … anyways what a pain. If your planning on upgrading to WordPress 2.7.1 I’d suggest you wait a wee bit.

The problem I’m having is that on the “New Post” page, where the categories sections should be is instead an embedded (maybe an iFrame) of the WordPress Dashboard. When I try and type in the editor the pages changes to a near blank page with only the editor buttons showing. Grrrr …

I’ve tried the following steps (recommended on various sites and forums) to no avail:

  • Disabled all plugins
  • Disabled Google Gears
  • Cleared the browser cache

However, it works fine in KDE’s Konqueror browser. When I get the time, I may compare the generated HTML, and see if I can determine what’s causing the problem. Here’s a screenshot … sheesh now I can’t even insert a screenshot using Konqueror gotta do it manually. Look at the “Categories” section on the right-hand side:

Iceweasel browser identification

Debian replaced Firefox with Iceweasel which is a version of Firefox committed to all the Open Source freedom goodness stuff. However, some sites check the browser identification string and will refuse to let you view any of the pages because they don’t realise that Iceweasel is a version of Firefox (it’s based on the same code base as Firefox). Why some websites think they need to verify what browser your using is beyond me, I think they should just warn the user that the site might not work with their browser and let them in.

Updated March 2008, with formatting changes, and spelling corrections.

To get around this, you can change the browser identification that Iceweasel sends to websites. Follow the instructions below which is from Ubuntu’s wiki:

If you’re having trouble with browser identification — in other words, sites block your access because you’re “not using Firefox” — try this:

  • Open “about:config” in IceWeasel‘s address bar.
  • In the “Filter” box, type general.useragent.extra.firefox.
  • Where you see the word “Iceweasel”, right-click and pick “Modify”
  • Then replace the word “Iceweasel” with “Firefox”.
  • Close the page (or the tab).

“Masquerading” your browser like that simply prevents the host site from telling you you’re not using Firefox. Aside from that, it should have no effect whatsoever on your collective Internet experience.

This is a bit sub-optimal as it changes the identification for all sites which means when they analyise their logs they won’t realise that people are running Iceweasel. Browsers such as KDE’s Konqueror allow you to change the browser’s identification on a per-site basis which I think would be great idea for Iceweasel/Firefox too.

Update: March 2007, added screenshot.