The Nokia 6230!

Nokia 6230i
Nokia 6230i

Do you remember when a phone like the Nokia 6230 was the phone to have? I remember trying to get one of these for use in the US after seeing a friend’s phone in Ireland. At the time you could only get this model on the Cingular network and the things cost hundred. This phone was a classic for it’s time and it was durable and just worked and it’s form-factor is a classic from the period.

GSMarena has specs on the phone, and Wikipedia has a badly written page about. Those things sold for hundreds of pounds/euros/dollars when they were new in 2005, now you can get one on Ebay for less than 20 quid.

And these days you can an Android phone on Amazon for as low as $30 that’s more powerful that a 2005 era laptop. And you know, I still want this phone, the only problem is I can’t read the screen as it’s too small!

2 thoughts on “The Nokia 6230!”

  1. I’m trying to work out if you’ve been hacked, but the broken last link to amazon seems to be a genuine mistake! As it happens, I need a temp phone as I broke mine the day before we left for the states.

  2. Get a cheap T-Mobile prepaid phone and get it unlocked, or just use their prepaid service or ATT if you want better coverage.

    You can get one at any Walmart, Target, or phone kiosk, then shop around for a place to unlock it (for $20 or so).

    Fatwallet is a good place to search for a cheapish phone: phone&type=all

    Or get a cheapo Tracfone, or Virgin Mobile phone. But VM is CDMA provider using Sprint’s network and the phone won’t work in GSM Land.

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