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Nokia N73!

I ordered the phone from They had it for $339 and a coupon for $15 off any purchase over $200. Subtotal after the coupon was $320, but as they have a warehouse in Massachusetts there is 5% sales taxes on that, which add $16 to the total. But, that’s still cheaper that most of the used models on Ebay.

I went for the free shipping is estimated at 7 to 9 days, but if I’m lucky they’ll ship from the local warehouse and it won’t take too long.

This is good news:

The phone can be mounted as a USB drive so I had no trouble transferring photos to my Linux running computer and had no need of any special software. Nevertheless, I’ll be installing the Nokia PC Suite at work to get our Outlook calendar syncing.

Which means I’ll hold off on ordering a Bluetooth dongle from Newegg, and see if a cable is included with the Phone. doesn’t say what’s in the box, but the same phone from Nokia’s US site shows it ships with a cable, but for $100 more.

I’ll need a memory card to hold pics and save on data charges from sending pics via T-Mobile’s network. But, I’ll wait until I get the phone before I order anything else related to the phone, except for either screen protector or a case to protect it.