Update on Enlightenment E17 for Debian

Update: I’ve decided to use Falko’s packages, see my posting here:

If you want to run E17 on Debian you have 4 choices (as of April 2008):

Wait for E17 packages to make it into Debian’s experimental repository:

The Debian E17 team are in the process of loading packages into Debian experimental branch and they should be available in the near (or not so near) future.

Use the AlphafeMini repository for Debian Sid/Unstable, created by Falko Schmidt. See http://xsm.alphagemini.org/E17/repository/ for more details.

Maybe use Elive’s repositories to install E17 as Elive is based on Debian, but this may cause other problems as Elive might be based on a older version of Debian (anyone know?).

Compile your own see http://www1.get-e.org/EFL_User_Guide/English/_pages/2.2.html for more details. But, you will have to uninstall these if you ever want to install a pre-packaged version, plus you’ll have to manually update packages yourself.

Interestingly, Falko Schmidt is also a member of the team working on the E17 packages that are going into experimental, so using Falko’s packages might be the safest and easiest approach to get E17 on Debian. However, when packages are available in experimental (and eventually in Sid), you may need to purge Falko’s packages and install the Debian experimental ones.

I’m going to e-mail Falko to see if he has an opinion on this.

Look for my latest posting on E17 as this information could be out-of-date:


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5 thoughts on “Update on Enlightenment E17 for Debian”

  1. So I’m already using the experimental repo because I’ve also been trying KDE4.I’ll try Falko’s repo over the weekend and see if there are conflicts with the E17 packages in experimental.

  2. Since this is posted in April 2008, shouldn’t the text read “as of April 2008” instead of 2007?

  3. Here’s Falko’s reply to my e-mail, I meant to post it earlier but I forgot!

    > I noticed that your hosting packages for E17 at alphagemini.org, since
    > edevelop.org went offline, and your name is on the Debian Enlightenment
    > Packages page on Alioth. And that E17 packages are creeping their way into
    > Debian’s experimental branch.

    I really didn’t participate much in the alioth project and the
    repository I’m running and have been running on edevelop.org are just
    my personal work of the Debian files that can be found in the
    enlightenment CVS repository.
    > Do you think I should your packages at alhgagemini.org or wait for the
    > experimental packages to avoid packaging conflicts?

    I’m currently workin to make the projects in enlightenment CVS (and
    thus the packages in my repository) compatible with the EFL Debian
    files which the alioth project are producing. I’m about half the way
    there, so I hope to have them ready by the end of this month.
    > Or, if I use your packages should I purge them when the packages make it
    > into Debian’s experimentally branch.

    That remains to be seen. I’m not sure if the experimental packages can
    coexist with my packages because I usually recompile upstream CVS
    quite often whereas alioth uses the freedesktop.org releases. If the
    API changes between those two repository I’m afraid they won’t be
    compatible any longer.
    > Many thanks for working on E for Debian. 🙂
    No problem 🙂

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